2014 Performance; BROKE WIDE OPEN


This year we are holding a Gala with a special show after the banquet dinner. The performance is BROKE WIDE OPEN, a critically-acclaimed play from socially and politically charged actor, playwright, and poet, Rock Wilk.

The Gala will take place on Saturday night, May 31st.


A Synopsis of BROKE WIDE OPEN, in the words of Rock Wilk:

“BROKE WIDE OPEN begins with the first significant moments of my life, my adoption and my fostering, and I proceed to explore how those experiences profoundly affected my life. I take the audience on this very complex and often ambivalent search for my biological mother, but the heart of BROKE WIDE OPEN is not really about any of that, those are just the details. BROKE WIDE OPEN, at its core, is a human story, a vulnerable and very intimate love story. It’s an extremely high energy, musical and poetic roller coaster ride, a precarious, ‘standing joyfully at the edge of a cliff’ love letter to New York City that provokes the full gamut of emotions. Performed through rapid fire monologue, poetry and spoken word and original pop, jazz and hip hop compositions, BROKE WIDE OPEN is often funny, always poignant, intense and it is extremely moving. Incessantly and insistently asking questions, this is also a story that demands reflection. A story about family and relationships, how we deal with loss, regret, questions of identity, and ultimately, BROKE WIDE OPEN is a story about my search for a place that feels like HOME to me. Resilience and willingness and faith and our interminable human spirit are what carry us from a hopeful, uncharted beginning, to the resolved and powerful ending of BROKE WIDE OPEN.”


To learn more about Rock Wilk and BROKE WIDE OPEN, please visit www.brokewideopen.com .

The Gala is included in Full Conference Registration. If you would like to only attend the Gala, please visit our registration page.

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