2018 Adoption Conference

The Adoption Initiative, hosted by the Alliance for the Study of Adoption & Culture

October 18-20, 2018

Formations: Thinking Kinship Through Adoption

The 2018 Adoption Conference was held at the Oakland Asian Cultural Centre in Oakland, CA in cooperation with the Alliance for the Study of Adoption & Culture (ASAC).

In 2018, The Adoption Initiative Conference (AIC) teamed up with the Alliance for the Study of Adoption & Culture (ASAC), and hosted a series of panels at ASAC’s Seventh Biennial Conference. This unique opportunity brought the two organizations together and combined the unique focus each brought to the issues concerning adoption. By promoting interdisciplinary culture-based scholarship and creative practices that address old and new formations of kinship through the lens of adoption, presenters aimed to expand current knowledge of the experience, institution, and cultural representation of adoption and kinship.”